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How do I place and order?

The primary way to place order is on rur website at It is designed to assist shoppers with ordering flowers and gift baskets with the convenience of 24 hours a day service.

Can I order by phone rather than online?

Yes. To place the order for you, we will need the below. Contact us on WhatsApp with the following details.

  1. Your names, email add and phone contact.
  2. Recipients names, delivery address and phone contact (just in case we need to call)
  3. Your message to be printed on card
  4. Product(s) names or SKU you like from our site (
  5. Preferred Payment method (Paypal, Credit/debit Card, Mpesa, Mobile Money )
Can I send an order anonymously?

Yes, you can send an order anonymously, and also type whatever you like for the card message. Please be advised that we are obliged, if requested by the recipient, to give out the sender's name. This is a common floral industry practice. In general, we advise against sending anonymous gifts, as these often lead to some distress for the recipient. In our experience, the recipient will almost always prefer to know who has sent a gift at the exact time it is received.

Before you decide to send an order anonymously, please also consider whether or not the recipient will consider this criminal harrassment, or "stalking".

I don't not have the recipients address. Can you delivery with only a pone contact?

Yes we can. We will call recipient for delivery address.


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Coming soon !!!!!

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