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Birthday Messages for your Wife or Girl Friend

Birthday Messages for your Wife or Girl Friend
  1. More than a wife, in you I have found a friend for life. Happy birthday.
  2. On your birthday I want to make a promise that I will not tire, until I fulfill all your wishes and desires. Happy birthday.
  3. Good times become better and bad times become tolerable when shared with a life partner like you. Happy birthday.
  4. Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.
  5. Although I am blinded by your love, it has opened my eyes to a better future. Happy birthday.
  6. In my arms, I want you to be. My love for you, I want you to see. My heart beats, I want you to feel. Layers of my emotions, I want you to peel. In my eyes, I want you to gaze. Lost together, I want us, in love’s daze. Happy birthday.
  7. Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy birthday.
  8. Your birthday is a sweet reminder that our relationship is all about looking into the years that lie ahead. The past has never mattered, and never will. Happy birthday.
  9. There may be hundreds of ways to wish you a happy birthday, but the best one is to give you a hug and whisper sweet nothings as we sway to love’s tango. xoxo
  10. There is so much to like about you baby, complimenting you would take longer than infinity. You are the woman of my fantasy, and I can’t imagine my life without you baby. Happy birthday.
  11. Your birthday cake is symbolic of how your sweetness makes life’s bitter moments worth tolerating. Happy birthday.
  12. The best part of our relationship is that the memories of bitter fights have been overshadowed by those of making up after. Happy birthday.
  13. I amassed a massive debt on the day I got married to you – the debt of unconditional love and undying commitment. I promise to keep repaying this debt until my very last breath. I love you, happy birthday.
  14. The woman who managed to make me like soap operas and hate using dirty washrooms, deserves a standing ovation on her birthday. xoxo
  15. Good times or bad, happy or sad… just one look into your eyes is all it takes to make me smile. Happy birthday.
  16. Happy birthday, to the person who has made all my birthdays worth celebrating. xoxo
  17. It seems that everyone knows you turned a year older except me. In my eyes you are exactly the way that you were when I met you for the first time – stunning and gorgeous. Happy birthday.
  18. As you blow the candles on your birthday cake, I want to tell you what a wonderful wife you make. Without you in my life, my heart would have bled. With you, I look forward to a wonderful life ahead. Happy birthday darling.
  19. I didn’t know what to get for you on your birthday since I figured that diamonds would be too cheap and gold too common, when compared to a jewel like you. Happy birthday sweetie.
  20. Before I met you, my life was a walk in the park – lazy and boring. After I met you, life became a spacewalk – awesome and simply out of this world. Happy birthday.
  21. I considered myself a total misfit until I met you – my life partner and my perfect fit. Happy birthday.
  22. If you really want to understand how much your birthday means for me, just listen to my heart after you blow the candles on your cake. It won’t be beating, it’ll be singing… Happy Birthday To You.
  23. I don’t feel embarrassed in telling all my friends that you are in charge of my life. I feel lucky and proud to have a woman as hardworking and focused like you, as my wife. Happy birthday.
  24. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to say SORRY for all the fights and arguments, THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you’ve made and I LOVE YOU for everything that you mean to me. Happy birthday.
  25. You are my life’s healing tonic. Without you, everything would be completely toxic. The rock solid support of a wife like you, is available only to a lucky few. Happy birthday.
  26. On the day we shared our first kiss, I knew you were going to be my Mrs. Happy birthday darling.
  27. As you blow the candles on your cake, please don’t make any wishes for me. In you, I’ve already got everything I could have ever wished for. Happy birthday.
  28. On your finger the day I slid that ring, you made me fly by giving me wings. As radiant as the sun’s beams, you have always been the girl of my dreams. Happy birthday.
  29. With you as my wife and the mother of my children, I wouldn’t have life any other way. My lifelong promise towards our marriage and family, is what I ceremonially renew again on your birthday.
  30. You came, you saw and you conquered the rest of my life. I love you, happy birthday.
  31. After many years of marriage and memories so sweet, even today when I see you my heart skips a beat. Happy birthday honey.
  32. Heaps of years have gone by since the day we got married, but you still look as beautiful as the moment I saw you walking down the aisle. Happy birthday.
  33. As the Queen of this home prepares to blow the candles on her cake, we all get together to thank her for all the sacrifices she makes. Happy birthday.
  34. A birthday is incomplete without a toast, and here’s mine for you – As a mother, you’re the sweetest. As a woman, you’re the prettiest. As a wife, you’re the best. Happy birthday.
  35. Even after all these years, every moment I am away from you, makes my heart feel dull and blue. Happy birthday.
  36. The way you juggle everything is an amazing feat. You are the only reason why our family feels happy and complete. Happy birthday to the woman so beautiful, mom so loving and wife so sweet.
  37. Your birthday party will whizz by in a jiffy, but I promise that the celebration of our love will last forever. Happy birthday.
  38. Today, I promise to pamper you like a queen for the rest of your life, whether it is your birthday or not. xoxo
  39. I am not going to take any selfies with you, because age hasn’t touched you and I don’t want to be the only one looking older. Happy birthday.
  40. As long as I have you by my side there isn’t anything in the world that can stop me now. To a supportive wife and a beautiful life partner like you, I take a bow. Happy birthday.
  41. My dear, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer and on this special day it is no different, Happy Birthday and yours forever.
  42. Birthdays come and go. But our love and respect for each other will always be rock solid. None of the forces of universe can change it. We will always be there for each other this day and everyday to come. I am truly blessed to have a person like you in my life. Happy Birthday to my love.
  43. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I can’t wait to celebrate tonight when we blow out the candles and turn out the lights.
  44. Darling here`s wishing you a life always full of happiness.
  45. You still look so hot after all the years we have been together. I cannot imagine a more beautiful wife. Happy birthday, my love.
  46. I know we are celebrating your 30th birthday for the 5th time, but you not look a day over 20 if you ask me. I am one lucky guy, happy birthday.
  47. You are the love of my life. I cannot believe you said yes to a man like me. Seriously, I count my blessings every day that I wake up next to you. I hope you have an amazing birthday.
  48. There is nothing I want more than to spend the next 100 birthdays by your side. If that is not possible, then we might have to pull a “Notebook” because I cannot live a day without you. Happy birthday to my other half.
  49. Nothing is hotter than an older woman. Of course, you don’t look the part, but we both know your little secret. Happy Birthday my beautiful wife!
  50. A good husband remembers your birthday, but not your age.
  51. For me your birthday is just like another day. With you being by side everyday is a celebration. Thank you so much for being in my life and making it so meaningful.
  52. I love you so much that words cannot express it. It is only the feelings of love, mutual respect and care that can express my true feelings for you. Here`s wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday and many more to come.
  53. May you be showered with health, wealth and prosperity throughout your life?
  54. My love and respect grows for you with each passing year. I am truly blessed to have you as my life partner. The various ups and downs that we have faced together in the life have further strengthened our bonding, love and respect for each other. May you be blessed with the choicest blessings from dear God? There never be any sad moment in your life. You always remain happy and cheerful, this year and in years to come. Love you from the bottom of my heart.
  55. On birthdays people wish so many things, but for me there are just two words- never and always. Always be my side and never leave me. I love you so much darling.
  56. Special thanks to an angel who changed my life, you truly made my life bliss! Happy birthday my love.
  57. To a wonderful woman and a loving wife, the light of my house may this day and all the days the rest of her life be showered by blessings from God. May all your wishes and desires be full filled this day and the days to come? May you always love, charming and adorable throughout your life as you always are?
  58. To my dearest darling wishing you a very happy birthday
  59. To the jewel of my house I wish you a very happy birthday.
  60. To the loving mother of my children wish you a very happy birthday.
  61. Happy Birthday, love! Your party is going to be wildly fun tonight. It will be the best party you have had yet!
  62. To the queen of my heart here`s wishing you a very happy birthday.
  63. To the woman who made a man out of a boy, wish you a very happy birthday.
  64. You always are a wonderful guide, you are my best friend but more than that you are a wonderful wife! Thanks for everything you are in my life! Happy birthday, dear!
  65. You are a fantastic mother, caring woman, loving daughter, beautiful and sexy wife, and a wonderful person. May you always remain like this and God showers you with all the blessings of health, wealth and prosperity.
  66. You are charming, adorable, sexy, loving, you are my everything. Stay blessed and keep smiling. Happy birthday darling!
  67. You make me happy in every sense, thanks for coming in my life! Happy Birthday honey!
  68. You taught me the true value of love in life. I am so lucky to have a wife like you. Happy birthday, dear!
  69. Sincere Birthday Messages
  70. Celebrating you!
  71. Wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others
  72. Hoping your wishes come true year after year.
  73. Like a fine wine, you improve each year.
  74. The day you were born is a daily celebration.
  75. Wishing you a very happy birthday . . . and many more!
  76. You're not getting older, you're getting better.
  77. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
  78. Love on your birthday and everyday.
  79. Enjoy this gift that's as beautiful as the birthday girl herself.
  80. You wear your age well, and your age suits you.
  81. Have an amazing birthday. I insist.
  82. I hope that you have a wonderful __ birthday. May your celebration with all of your family and friends be wild and fun!
  83. Happy Birthday! I am glad that you were born __ years ago.
  84. Your life has been a blessing to many people. That's why I like to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!
  85. Happy Birthday! one of the nicest people I know. You keep getting better and better with age.
  86. I hope you have a great day today. Celebrate! It's your birthday!
  87. Happy birthday to a great friend. I like your birthday. Without it, I would not have such a great friend. Have an awesome birthday!
  88. You have been a great blessing to those you encounter. Happy birthday!
  89. Your birthday is my yearly reminder of how blessed I am to know you and to be able to call you my friend.
  90. I hope you know that you are loved on your birthday.
  91. May your birthday be the open door to a wonderful new year of life.
  92. Even though you are another year older, you have plenty to look forward to this year.
  93. The time we get is free, but it is also the most valuable thing we can have. Spend your next year wisely.
  94. We become braver the older we get. Maybe that’s because we have less to lose.
  95. Let’s celebrate the blessing that you have been during your entire life! Then let’s celebrate the blessing that you will be during the rest of your life.
  96. I want to wish a happy birthday to one of the coolest people I know. Happy birthday to you!
  97. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true.
  98. I hope you have the kind of birthday that makes you feel as special as you are to me.
  99. Have a memorable birthday. You only get to turn __ once in a lifetime.
  100. Have a birthday filled with the gifts of friendship, fun, and happiness!
  101. I am thankful to have you in my life not only on your birthday, but on every day of the year.
  102. Have the kind of birthday that only someone like you could deserve. You deserve a really awesome one.
  103. There are so many reasons I am grateful to know you. Your birthday is a good time to think of all those reasons.
  104. Wishing you a happy birthday is easy, because I want you to be happy anyway.
  105. I am really glad that you were born, because I have enjoyed you and your life.
  106. You have been a blessing since your original birthday. Happy Birthday!
  107. I hope you have a wonderful and fun day on your birthday.
  108. I am wishing you many happy birthdays to come.
  109. You make me feel really great when I am around you. I hope you have the same great feelings on your birthday.
  110. Like a fine wine, you get better and more valuable with age.
  111. Somehow you always make me feel young even though we are both getting older by the minute. Happy birthday!
  112. You are an amazing person, and this is the best day to celebrate you.
  113. I can’t imagine you as a baby. I bet you were the same as you are now in a lot of ways.
  114. Happy birthday and happy rest of the year!
  115. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people to be born.
  116. Funny Birthday Messages
  117. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.
  118. If I told you to have a happy birthday, would you actually take my advice?
  119. Birthdays can be tough. That’s why I’m making sure that you don’t have to go through it alone.
  120. Birthdays are like tax day. Those who have the most look forward to them the least.
  121. If you ever start to regret getting older, just think of the alternative.
  122. No one asks to be born, and no one asks to get old.
  123. Don’t worry too much about getting older. No really! Worrying makes you even older.
  124. It’s not your birthday. If you actually looked any older today, then I would believe that it is your birthday.
  125. You can’t fill in your age on forms online because there aren't enough digits available.
  126. There’s one wish that everyone can have come true on their birthday. Just wish to be older and your wish will come true.
  127. As you age, it’s important to lower your expectations. Here’s to lowered expectations.
  128. Making jokes about getting old is only appropriate and funny when people aren't really that old yet, so I’m going to just wish you a very serious happy birthday.
  129. Just because you’re getting older doesn't mean you are growing up. Happy Birthday anyway!
  130. I don’t know how many more of your birthdays I can handle.
  131. Old is in the eye of the beholder, especially when you are looking in the mirror.
  132. You can support the Democratic Party if you want, but I support the Birthday party. Happy Birthday!
  133. If I made fun of how many years old you are, it would be beyond funny.
  134. Break a leg at your birthday party, but try not to break a hip.
  135. You are the least famous person I know of who was born on your birthday.
  136. I couldn't think of a message that would make you laugh for your birthday card. You’re too mature now. Happy birthday!
  137. You’re old enough to know better… than to expect any present from me.
  138. Scientists have found a strong correlation between the number of birthdays you have and your life expectancy. Here’s to your growing life expectancy!
  139. Some say “old is in the eye of the beholder.” I think it’s just cataracts. Happy Birthday!
  140. Birthdays are really just a celebration for the lucky people who have managed to keep themselves alive another year.
  141. You used to jump off the couch, jog five miles, and end with a snack in the kitchen. Now you use a short cut to the kitchen.
  142. Each year you get a little further from acting your age. You’ll never grow old if you never grow up.
  143. All the people I know who have had birthdays each year have eventually ended up dead. Birthdays must be bad for your health. Happy birthday!
  144. Elections come every year, and this year I am nominating you for the birthday party.
  145. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I think birthdays may be an exception though.
  146. You begin and end this life in an ironically similar disposition. You're dependent on others to feed you and dress you. You have to wear diapers. Here’s to the in between years. Happy birthday!
  147. You remind me of the big redwood tree that you can drive through in a car. You've been around forever, and you’re too stubborn and old to be going anywhere soon. Happy Birthday!
  148. Doctors suggest staying out of the sun to avoid premature aging. You must have lived in a cave your entire life.
  149. Everyone is aging every day, but we only celebrate it once a year. That doesn't seem fair. Does it?
  150. You must have committed a crime. You had to have stolen someone else’s age. You don’t look like you age.
  151. Aging is like a ride on a train. It seems like it takes forever to get going. Then it’s impossible to stop.
  152. You’re old enough now that running your mouth is easier than running yourself anywhere.
  153. If you were invisible, would you still look old today?
  154. Your senses may not be as sharp as they were in your youth, but your wit is sharp enough to cut a person in half.
  155. Lying about your age causes grey hair. Dying your hair is just an attempt to cover up your lies.
  156. The older you get, the better you’ll be at history and math. You've lived more history and you have to count a lot higher to reach your age.
  157. When you’re young, you’re scared of monsters under the bed. When you’re old, you’re scared of what the doctor just said.
  158. How old would you be in dog years?
  159. I’m wishing your life to be more like an epic novel than a short story!
  160. Children have dreams. Adults have jobs. Are you an adult or a child at heart?
  161. If you were a dinosaur today, you’d be the have-a-happy-birthday-saurus. And tomorrow you’d be extinct.
  162. One of the biggest lies old people tell young people is that they can’t do the same stuff they used to be able to do. In reality, they just want to get younger people to do all the heavy lifting.
  163. Your birthday is a wonderful time for me to tell you how amazing you are. Unfortunately, I’m not going to do that. You already know how I feel about you.
  164. How many years have you been my friend? Don’t answer that question. That gives away too much information.
  165. Only a good friend will keep your darkest secrets. Don’t worry. Your age is a secret I’ll keep safe.
  166. I don’t like that you’re getting older any more than you do. It sure does beat the alternative though.
  167. Cake is a great way to celebrate getting older, which shouldn't be only reserved for birthdays.
  168. If birthdays came any more often, we’d all be older and happier.
  169. If birthday insurance was available, I’d buy you some. I want to ensure that you have a wonderful birthday!
  170. Your birthday marks a great moment, it was the moment I got a cool sister. (to a sister)
  171. Your birthday suit still looks good on you. It still looks like it has been neatly pressed.
  172. From the time of childhood, most people want toys for their birthday. Unfortunately, the price of those toys grows exponentially as they age.
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